2014 YWEA Video


Africa – “Operation African Firewall”

Project Vision:  To ignite a ‘Firewall of God’s Spirit’ and grace across the continent of Africa to counteract the aggressive advance of Anti-Christian movements and enlarge the Kingdom of God.  Specifically, we will attempt to fund the purchase and construction of four ministry centers or “Anchor-Points” that will facilitate the care of children (daycare), discipleship and development of leaders, equipping church planters thorughout the designated ‘firewall’ across Africa.

Project Goal:  YWEA seeks to fund the initial phase of the entire ‘firewall initiative’ by funding the four strategic ministry centers or ‘anchor points’ defined by Men & Women of Action in conjunction with World Missions that will serve as ministry hubs for the entire project.

  • Senegal, Dakar
  • Niger, Niamey
  • Somalia / Horn of Africa, Garissa County
  • Mozambique, Beira


Strategy:  To develop Ministry Centers across the continent of Africa to facilitate:

  • Building of Training Centers
  • Developing and Discipling Leaders
  • Planting 500 NEW churches
  • Rescuing and Caring for Children
  • Strengthening existing churches
  • Equipping lay leaders to evangelize and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ