Teen Talent

Teen Talent

International Teen Talent 2023


Registration for the International Competition will begin May 1st with a final deadline of June 9th. Participants will need to register for the International Competition with the South Carolina State Youth & Discipleship office. A registration link is provided below.

Each registrant is asked to secure a valid email, mailing address, and cell number for each entry. Once all individuals/groups are registered, a schedule will be compiled and posted electronically on the official Teen Talent website by the International Youth & Discipleship Department.

Each State winner, runner-up, and third-place participants will be eligible to enter for International Competition.

Housing will be available on the campus of Lee University via dorms. The following special rates have been provided for participants and their groups/families:

5 Day Housing + Meals- $270 per person
3 Day Housing + Meals- $215 per person

Meal Only Package- $25/day per person

Campus housing registration will be available on at cogyd.org beginning May 1st as well as a list of suggested local hotels/accommodations.

International Housing